Terms of Use


[1] HQengine is the trading name of HQengine. We are a company registered in Australia (ABN: 56244213019). Our registered office is at 31 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia.

[2] By using our services, you enter into a legally binding agreement with HQengine. This agreement is outlined in this document.

[3] HQengine has the discretion to amend or change the Terms of Use at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to review these terms regularly in order to keep updated.

[4] By using our services, you agree to accept the Terms of Use. There are two ways to accept these terms: by using the services in any capacity, or by accepting the terms when prompted by HQengine during registration. If you are using our services, it is assumed that you have read and accepted these Terms of Use. You are bound by these terms until your relationship with HQengine is terminated.

[5] HQengine may change its services, or add/remove features of the services in the future. We may also sub-contract certain services to third parties. We may also discontinue our services at any point, or make services unavailable to you or other users at the sole discretion of our company. In the event that the services are to be discontinued for any reason, you will be notified (7) seven days prior.

[6] You acknowledge that HQengine is not an accounting service. Whilst we do our best to ensure the precision and correctness of the information extracted from your documents, we cannot guarantee accuracy. It is the responsibility of the user to check the information provided in these services.

Use of the Services by You

[7] To use our services, HQengine requires some personal information. You agree that this information is correct and up to date. You also agree to set a password so that your account is kept as secure as possible.

[8] You agree to use your account only, and not to impersonate anyone else, or access another user's account.

[9] You agree that to use the services, you shall not upload any illegal, explicit or otherwise dangerous content, including viruses and computer codes, that limit or destroy the functionality of our services in any way. In addition, you agree not to upload any material relating to health and medical conditions by which an individual can be identified. [10] You agree not to copy, reproduce or sell our services or any part of our services for any reason whatsoever.

[11] You agree that you are solely responsible for all activities that happen in your account. HQengine holds no responsibility for the activity in your account.

[12] To register for an account, you agree that you are of a legal age to form a binding contract. If you are not, you agree that you have the permission of your parent or guardian; HQengine assumes that they have read and agreed to these terms.


[13] HQengine provides services to its users for a fee. The services are available for a free trial for an amount of time. The subsequent payment fee is dependant on the services you require and sign up for. You may always upgrade or downgrade the package of services. These packages and their associated fees may change and are subject to change at the sole discretion of our company.

[14] You may cancel your account at any time, following the prompts in your account. You are responsible for paying your service fee up until the end of the month that your cancellation is requested.

[15] HQengine does not issue refunds for its services. As stated in [14], you may cancel your account at any time. We believe that our free trial period is ample time to test whether the services are suitable to your needs. For this reasons, we do not offer refunds.


[16] You agree that you are responsible for the safety of your user login details (ie email address and password). HQengine will not be held accountable if somebody else logs in to your account without your consent.

[17] HQengine does not accept any liability for any loss, damage or inconvenience arising from the use of our services.


[18] These Terms of Use operate concurrently with our Privacy Policy. For more information regarding your privacy and our use of your personal information, see here. You acknowledge that this Privacy Policy is incorporated in these terms, and is binding.

Content and Proprietary Rights

[19] You agree that you are responsible for the content that you make within your account.

[20] You may come across content, other than HQengine content, that holds intellectual property rights. You are not to copy, reproduce, or sell any of this content.

[21] HQengine owns all proprietary rights and intellectual property within the services, including the website, the logo, and all associated property. You agree not to copy, reproduce or sell any of this property, or do anything illegal under Australian law, or wherever they are in the world.

[22] We do not obtain proprietary rights over the content that you create or post using our services. You are solely responsible for all content created by you.

[23] You agree to not use any of HQengine' trademarks, trade names, logos, service marks or any other distinctive brand features in any way without our written consent. Any illegal use of such content is prohibited.

[24] You also agree to not reproduce, copy or sell any HQengine software available through our services. Any illegal activity regarding software or such content will have legal consequences.


[25] By using our services for a fee, HQengine has given you a licence to use our services. This licence is personal and world wide, so you can enjoy our services wherever you are.

[26] You shall not assign this licence to another, whether wholly or partially.

[27] You remain the proprietor of any content uploaded, created, or submitted. By agreeing to these terms, you hereby grant a licence to HQengine to use such content to: make the services available to you, to reproduce, modify or distribute such content in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


[28] The Terms of Use apply so long as the relationship between you and HQengine is in existence.

[29] When the relationship is terminated, either by cancellation by you, or by us, these terms no longer need to be adhered to.

Service Limitations

[30] The services are provided ‘as is’, and HQengine cannot guarantee that they will meet your requirements or expectations with satisfaction.

[31] You agree that your use of the services is at your own risk, without warranties of any kind.

Limitation of Liability

[32] You agree that HQengine is not liable in any way for your reliance on the accuracy or correctness of our services. We are also not liable for any loss of content via our services. You are responsible for reserving copies of all content provided to us.

[33] You agree that HQengine is not liable or responsible for any service disruptions or restrictions, including servicing and software or content upgrades.

[34] HQengine is not liable for any loss or damage, howsoever arising from the services, software, use of services by you, or by any other means.

Governing Law

[35] You agree and accept that the governing law is the law of Australia.

[36] You agree to use your best endeavours and take reasonable steps when trying to resolve a dispute with HQengine.

Copyright HQengine. All rights reserved.

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